Leave It Cleaner Than You Found it

July 15, 2013 Weblog Post by Juan Villa, Visalia-Times Delta reporter.

The Friends of the South Fork Kings River did just what they said they would, they left more than 16 miles of road and river bank on the Kings River cleaner than they found it.

Bill Templin, volunteer coordinator for the nonprofit Friends group, said the number of volunteers at their July 13 cleanup broke their record.


Photos courtesy of Bill Templin

“Many of the new volunteers were from NAS Lemoore, so we really want to thank them for making this effort and it sounds like most of them want to come back again and again,” Templin said. “…we think the record may be broken again next time, and if so, we can finally focus a number of them on cleaning up all of the campsites in all four campgrounds.”

The cleanup, which took place from Boyden Cavern in the Giant Sequoia National Monument to Road’s End in [Kings Canyon] National Park, had 35 volunteers who picked up 50 pounds of trash plus 10 more pounds of recyclables.

View from the Old Swimmin’ Hole Upstream to the back country

“We’re looking forward to our next clean ups on Aug. 10 and Sept. 7,” Templin said. “…if you’ve ever camped there you will know that a person could probably pick up at least 100 small items of litter—some bigger than others—in each campsite, and there are hundreds of sites all together.”

Coman frutas y verduras! (Eat fruits and vegetables!)


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