Our Board Members

Current Members
Bill Templin
Phone: 916-601-9954
EMail: wetemplin@att.net

Bill started visiting the South Fork area as a teenager with his family in the late 1950’s; coming to Hume Lake, fishing Ten Mile Creek and the lower reaches of the Kings above Boyden Cavern. In the 1990’s it was Bill’s experience as a hydrologist with the Fed’s (USGS). It was his desire to give back to this area that created the Friends of the South Fork.
Will Templin, III
Karen'sFacebookPage Gary and Karen Tuttle
Gary began visiting the South Fork with his father Adrian “The Mayor” Tuttle in the late 1940’s as a small boy and even worked a summer season as a teenager at the Cedar Store. In the later portions of the 1960’s he brought his then wife-to-be Karen to join his experiences along the South Fork. Their growing family joined them along the way, with annual trips to the region. Gary continues to participate with the clean-up events a few times each year.
Eddie Hard Eddie Hard
Rick Hartlet Rick Hartley
Mike Tuttle Mike Tuttle
Mike started visiting the South Fork at the age of 5 week old and has continued visiting & camping most years since 1973. He started participating with the litter clean-up events in about 2010 and helps with website and Facebook maintenance & communication.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via email or our Facebook page and we can talk about opportunities that you might like.

Thanks for your interest!

Lifetime Honorary Board Members
Jason Wellonen Jason Wellonen
Members of the group affectionately known as The Roaring River Rejects,
and their families, to be included as they desire.

Posthumous Honorary Board Members
Marlene Ballard Marlene Ballard
Chris Templin Christopher Templin
(Feb. 28, 1986 – Feb. 22, 2016)
a.Jason.Mer.Dennis.Adi.Art On Left:
Dennis Wellonen On Right:
Merlin (The Magician) Ballard,
Art (Roaring River) Jensen, and
Adrian (The Mayor) Tuttle

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