Monitoring Results

Angler Surveys for CDF&W

May 30, 2015



May 30, 2015

6.Trash.NPS.BulletinBoard@RoadsEnd 6.1.SarahWood.monitoringLitter@RoadsEnd

April 25, 2015

Jess&Bill.pickingUpSheepCreekCampground 1.Jess&Jeff.MonitoringLitterInSentinalCG

Stream Stage

April 25, 2015

7.MonitoringRiverStage.ds.BoydenCavern.rock.gage 7.1.MonitoringRiverStage.ds.BridgeNrSheepCreekCG.FOSFK.stage.gages7.MonitoringRiverStage.ds.BridgeNrSheepCreekCG.FOSFK.stage.gages

Water Quality

May 30, 2015

3.Sarah&WQMonitoringEquipment.SFKingsRusDeerCoveCr 4.Bill.MonitoringDeerCoveCr.1 5.Bill.Monitoring.DeerCoveCr.withWMDKit


May 30, 2015

1.1.They'reWhat'sForDinner.2BrownTrout.2RainbowTrout 1.14.5inBrownTrout@TheOSH 2.1SarahWood.with11inWildRainbowTrout 2.SarahWood.with14.5inWildBrownTrout

April 25, 2015

2.WildRainbow&BrownTrout.population.healthy 4.Chris.MonitoringWildRainbowTrout@GrizzlyPool.aka.TheLake 5.MonitoringWildRainbowSpawningMaturity 6.MonitoringWildRainbowSpawningMaturity 6WildRainbows&Browns

June 2013


Aug. 10, 2013 – Results from stomach content analysis on 6 Wild Rainbows and observations on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening indicated not much but algae and maybe small gnats in the stomachs. We caught lots of fish, mainly Rainbows, and kept only 8 in the 10 to 12 inch size range for Saturday night’s dinner. Not as many of the fish caught were in the 4 to 7 inch range as we caught during our July 13 visit.


July 12 to 14 – Lots of very small fish in the 4 to 6 inch range were caught. No fish fry this time… everyone brought too much food and we brought a bunch of smoked trout for snacks, but we took home 4 nice wild trout for a dinner.


May 30 to June 2 – Low water year created conditions more typical of July periods, but some nice sized rainbows and browns were observed to 12 inches in size. Very few small fish observed. Nice fish fry on Saturday evening.


Benthic Macro Invertebrates


Aug. 10, 2013 –  No hatches were observed, and only one very small mayfly on one rock.  These observations were all downstream of the new bridge that is still under construction (but people were being allowed to walk across it!).

If anyone is up there and observes hatches of caddis, stone, or may flies, please let bill know via email at…. Thanks for any help that you can provide.


Photographic Monitoring

Observations of an unidentified “stain” on the outside staff during our July 13 visit bring up some concern for a possible discharge that may have influenced the benthic macro invertebrates and fisheries. We will be back on Sept. 6-8 and will update our observations then.



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