2022 Clean Up Dates

Welcome to 2022!!!

It’s time once again to plan those summer events.

About April 20th, a rock slide blocked and damaged part of State Route 180 at milepost 131, just east of Boyden Cavern.  The rock slide left a 600-foot debris field, 15 trees, and boulders weighing up to 200 tons. Caltrans Central Valley District 6 crews have cleared the roadway and made repairs to State Route 180.  Due to the blockage and repairs, the opening of the road was delayed officially until May 9th.  A clean-up event has been held by Bill, who stayed at Convict Flats  Campground near Horseshoe bend between Yucca Point and Boyden Cavern, up at Hume Lake.

At the moment the National Park Service has the park open as usual and is allowing the placing of reservations at Recreation.gov.

This year the planned South Fork Kings River Clean-Up events are planned for Saturdays May 7th, June 4th, July 9th, August 13th, September 10th, October 8th, & November 12th.  These dates may be subject to change due to COVID restrictions and weather conditions, but we’re going to try.

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